7 Seater Taxi Services From Singapore To Malaysia

Imagine yourself standing under the heat of burning sun vainly hailing taxi for an hour or praying hard for miracles on getting a taxi in a deserted area where you clearly know it will never happen, not to mention when you are in a hurry and you got yourself stuck in situations like these. Stop putting yourself in such ‘risk’ of not knowing when you will arrive to your next destination. Plan ahead by hiring a private taxi service that is less time consuming and at the same time meeting your budget!

Our 7 Seater Taxi Service In Singapore is no longer confined to transferring customer at a limited area, we are now offering cross-country transfer and even up to a tour all around Singapore & Johor Malaysia.

If you are planning to travel both Singapore and Malaysia in one shot, hire a private taxi like us help you to minimize time wasted on map searching, coach booking as well as avoiding long queue for custom and immigration procedures.

Just let us know your destinations, sit back and experience a smooth journey ahead. If you are now worrying on the fare charges, please rest assure that our taxi fare rate is absolutely affordable with satisfaction guaranteed with MPV fleets.

These MVP fleets are configured to carry up to 7 passengers which provide the perfect space for a family trip or a share ride with group of friends. The large car boot space of our fleets can allocate luggage and parcels in various sizes that helps you to solve any of your luggage problems.

Spacious legroom provided is another plus point especially when you are travelling on long distance as it allows you to sit comfortably and able to rest well all the way before you reach your destination.  Experience our 7 Seater Taxi Services and we will definitely make your journey safe and comfortable. Here’s what not to miss from the list of services we offer:

Point-to-Point Transfer

Make it simple

In order to make our MPV service affordable, you can select travel from specific point to another specific point from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa.

Business Meeting Transfer

Professional business trip

Johor Bahru has launched quite a lot of Iskandar project and the number of Singapore investors have traveling frequently in both area. Let us know if your need us to serve you for your business trip or even daily routine trip.

Airport Transfer

Enjoy your gateway trip

Changi Airport is the nearest international airport for Johor Citizen and for those who plan to travel to Johor from Singapore you may look for us to serve you better.

Wedding Car Services

Once a life time

Although we are specialize in private car services, you can contact us if you are looking for Toyota Alphard as your wedding car and we are willing to serve your need.

Johor Day Tour

Private car services

A lot of traveler from Singapore to Johor always looking for weekend day trip, our driver serves up to 8 hours so you may travel around Johor with our MPV private car.

Also not to forget our services is all the time flexible which you may have your trip personalized at your convenience. What are you waiting for! Booking with us NOW!