Tired and getting bored of just visiting the ‘normal visitors must visit’ attractions available in Johor Bahru during every holidays?

Besides delicious food such as otak-otak and hand-made wantan mee, Johor Bahru is actually available with all kinds of wonderful shopping malls, amusement parks and streets which are suitable for holidays and even one day trip.

Here, Hire7Seater would like to introduce you some attractive places to be visited for a quick cultural one day trip while enjoying the holidays in Johor Bahru.


Places to be visited for Johor Bahru One day Trip

1. Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee is one of the oldest street in JB town. It is full of history and some historical buildings can be found along the street. There is a Chinese Historic museum located there and lots of cafes too.

It is an ideal place for you to take photos and admire the older part of JB. The traditional bakery, Hiap Joo Bakery and Sallehudin Bakery, are located around here.

At night, you can go to the night market located at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. The night market which named “Pasar Karat”, open daily starting from 8pm every night. They sell clothes, shoes, perfumes, bags and second hand stuffs. If you have the heritage walk guides with you or get the opportunity to join one of the guided heritage walk, which only available once a while and by prior booking, you will get to know the place more. The Heritage walk guide can be purchased from the Chinese History Museum.


Additional Information:

Address: Jalan Tan Hock Nee, Johor Bahru 80000, Malaysia


2. Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple

Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple is located in Johor Bahru town city centre along Jalan Trus. It is one of the oldest standing religious structures in Johor Bahru, and the most visited till today by devotees and visitors alike. The historical plaques in the temple states that the temple was functional in 1870 and that’s over 140 years until today. The temple is believed to be the first and only among the few temples to be named after a state in Malaysia and it was built by religious Chinese leaders at the time, headed by a man named Mr Tan Hiok Nee who was the founder of Ngee Heng Co.

It remains a religious and cultural attraction and its busiest times is during the Chingay or Parade of the Deities, during which statue deities of the temple are paraded around town. The temple will organize the procession of the deities which takes place annually, usually of the 20th– 23rd in the first lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The parade normally lasts a total of four days, and the highlight of the procession is the evening of the third night, when all the deities are paraded in and around Johor Bahru town. Celebrations that take place are very lively, with gongs and drums in the streets, lion and dragon dances accompany devotees who will carry the deities out from the temple and into the street.


Additional Information:

Address: Johor, Johor Bahru, Jalan Trus 80000
Phone: 07-277 7858



3. Princess Cove Johor Bahru

R&F Princess Cove is a mega development with HOPSCA (Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping Mall, Clubhouse, Apartment) concept. It is strategically located at Jalan Tanjung Puteri with a total site area of 116 acre. It is just 3 minutes away from CIQ Complex of Johor.

Princess Cove is also in the prime area of Johor Bahru (near location of future MRT in JB) with Marina seafront directly facing Singapore. It is a serviced apartment that has total 3224 units ranging from 469sf for bachelors and up to 1386 sf which is suitable for families. The facilities in Princess Cove Johor Bahru include garden clubhouse, Seaview Ox Bar as well as indoor ox bar. Swimming pool, gymnasium and children’s playground can be found in Princess Cove Johor Bahru too.


Additional Information:

Address: R&F Princess Cove Sales Gallery, Jalan Tanjung Puteri, Johor, 80300 Johor Bahru
Phone: 07-277 2777


4. Istana Bukit Serene Johor Bahru

Istana Bukit Serene is the royal palace and official residence of the Sultan of Johor, located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The palace faces the Straits of Johor and has a bird’s eye view of Singapore, a former possession of the Sultanate. Istana Bukit Serene has a tower measuring 35m in height and is among the famous tourist attractions in Johor Bahru. You will be amazed by the unique carvings on the walls on this historical building which features Art Deco influences.

The Istana Bukit Serene keeps its gates closed for safety precautions, but visitors can still snap photos and take in the majestic view of the palace. The palace has a huge sprawling garden which is a common site for many royal gatherings and celebrations. The palace is well guarded by the Johor Military Force, the Sultan’s own private army. The crown arch that complements the palace was actually built as a gift by the Sultan of Johor for the people. If you’re lucky, you will get to see the Royal Highness himself as he gracefully entertains the tourists.

Since 1991, it is made open to public for visits and houses the Royal Abu Bakar Museum. This building flaunts a distinctive feature in its architecture that is Western yet Malay. Various royal functions as well as prominent figures such as the Duke of Edinburgh (son of Queen Victoria), Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and so on are hosted in this royal palace. You can find a good collection of royal heirloom, rare artifacts and the records that tells the history of the state’s royal family within the palace lies the Royal Abu Bakar Museum. Istana Besar is a must visit place for tourists especially for those history busters.


Additional Information:

Address: 107, Jalan Tun Dr Ismail, Taman Istana, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Business Hour :
9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Day Off :
Phone: 010-960 1817



5. Little Red Cube

The Little Red Cube which houses the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is home to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, The Little Big Club and Lat’sPlace as well as a host of retailers. It is strategically located at the waterfront marina of Puteri Harbour.

Little Red Cube is developed by Destination Resorts and Hotels (DRH) and designed to be the ideal destination for families and friends to get together, offering a complete mix of retail, leisure, entertainment and F&B outlets including fine dining and alfresco cafes.

Its 88-retail lots are sprawled on two levels, consisting of a promenade that faces the marina that promises a spectacular view of the Straits of Johor. With a carefully selected tenant mix, Little Red Cube promises visitors a different experience from other retail malls in Johor and there are even Little Red Cube ambassadors on hand to offer you directions and helpful information to guide you to the fun attractions!


Additional Information:

Address: Persiaran Puteri Selatan, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor



6. Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

The Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque which is located along a street name Jalan Skudai, is situated on a hill, with a bird eye’s view of the straits of Johor. It is located very near to the Royal Abu Bakar Museum (The Grand Palace). The Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque was built in the year of 1900.The architecture of the mosque is a mix of two distinguishable styles.

They are Victorian and Moorish styles with a little influence of Malay style. Non – muslims are allowed to enter the mosque. However, decent and modest clothing must be worn as a sign of respect. Shoes must be removed before enter the museum. The nearest Johor hotels to the state mosque are Thistle Hotel, Puteri Pacific Hotel and Citrus Johor Bahru. They located in the central of Johor Bahru which allow tourists to tour along the whole day with ease.


Additional Information:

Address: Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 07-223 4935


7. City Square

City Square is located in the heart of the city and only a stone’s throw from the customs and immigration checkpoint, Johor Bahru City Square stands out as a central landmark in JB. City square has more than 300 retailers.

It offers a host of fashion, entertainment and restaurants. All catered to wow the senses and satisfy the needs. The unique part of city square is Inner City, an eclectic mix of smallish fashion and accessory shops plus restaurants housed in a tight, quaint setting. After many hours of shopping, you can rest your feet in one of the numerous restaurants and cafes or indulge in a soothing foot massage, then go on to treat the rest of the body at a salon.


Additional Information:

Address: J3-12A, 106 – 108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor



8. Komtar JBCC

Komtar JBCC is one of the shopping malls in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. It opened in November 2014 and is adjacent to the popular Johor Bahru City Square. It is just located next to the original Komtar building, being a recent extension of the original building.

Cafes, a modern supermarket, a souk bazaar, children-centric outlets and a 1,700 parking bays in the four-level car park can be found within this mall. There is a Angry Birds Activity Park is located at the 3rd level of the shopping mall.

Additional Information:

Address: Centre Management Office, Level 5, Menara KOMTAR, Johor Bahru City Centre, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone: (607) -267 9900



9. Johor Zoo

Johor Zoo is located at Jalan Gertak Merah, which is the heart of Johor Bahru. It is situated near to the Royal Museum and the Johor Bahru Palace Grouds. Zoo Johor is built in the year of 1928 and is considered as one of the oldest zoos in Malaysia.

There are more than 100 species of animals living in Zoo Johor including some endangered species animals such as tigers, sea otters and gorillas . Some common animals such as beavers, flamingos, horses and lions can be found in Johor Zoo as well.

The zoo is clean and well organized with clean food selling around the stalls. Johor Zoo is an ideal place for you to have family day since there are animal shows to be enjoyed too during its scheduled time. The entrance fee is just RM3 for each person.

Additional Information:

Address: Jalan Gertak Merah, Taman Istana, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 07-223 0404



10. Legoland Malaysia and its Water Park

Legoland Malaysia Resort which located at Jalan Legoland is split into several main areas. Legoland Malaysia Water Park is one of the main areas which you can enjoy the water park rides there. The water park has over 15 highly exciting rides, and up to 20 thrilling slides, suitable for the whole family to spend a whole day. Legoland Malaysia Water Park is easily accessible by public bus and car via the Woodlands Causeway Checkpoint or the Tuas Second Link Checkpoint from Singapore, and the journey takes about less than an hour.

Wave Pool is the first major attraction you encounter once you enter through the gates & pass a bunch of shops. It is a great place to cool off and just float around if you want to take a break. There are a total of 8 water slides in the park, which vary in height, intensity and capacity. Some of them are more suited for younger kids, some are meant to be done in a group and some are just pure exhilaration.

One of the attraction in Legoland is Imagination Station. There are two stations here where kids can build stuff out of DUPLO bricks and put them to the test, by shooting water jets at them or control the flow of water by creating patterns and channels for water to flow through. It’s really interactive and as such was very popular with kids of all ages. With slides, rides and games, Legoland Malaysia Water Park will surely be a top choice for your next trip north to Johor, and it makes for a cool break away from the heat of the day.


Additional Information:

Address: 7, Jln Legoland, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor
Phone: 07-597 8888



11. Angry Birds Theme Park

The Angry Birds Activity Park opened its doors in Malaysia back in 2014 and is the first Angry Birds themed attraction in Asia. The theme park is located at KOMTAR JBCC making it convenient for Johor Bahru locals as well as Singaporeans to visit.

The park covers a total area of 26, 000 square feet, with rides and attractions spread across four sections: Danger Zone, Utopia, Classic and South Beach, in addition to the store where you can buy official Angry Birds merchandise. During peak periods such as school holidays, the park admits a limited number of guests per session in order to control the crowd. Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.


Additional Information:

Address: Level 3 KOMTAR JBCC, Centre,, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 07-300 5090



12. Jalan Wong Ah Fook

Jalan Wong Ah Fook is a major one-way road in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. It is located in Johor Bahru’s central business district and is also one of the busiest roads in the city. The street is at the heart of the city and numerous businesses including beauty shops, museums, JB cafes, hotels, and much more are found here. As you walk down the street, you will find many establishments founded decades and centuries ago and are still functioning to this day!

Good and cheap food which can be found along Jalan Wong Ah Fook including Kam Long Restaurant Curry Fish Head, Restoran Annalakshmi Johor Bahru and Hiap Joo Bakery. Attractions such as Johor Bahru City Square Mall and Johor Old Chinese Temple can be found along the street too. Jalan Wong Ah Food is a busy street and famous with local food that is not too far from Johor Bahru City Square Mall. It is the best place for you to discover the JB food and drinks.


13. Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple

Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman is the first glass Hindu temple in the world and the only one in Malaysia. It is one of the must go local attraction for tourist especially Hindus. It situated next to the railway tracks between Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and Jalan Mohd Taib (or close to the Tebrau Highway). It started in 1922 as a simple shelter on land presented by the Sultan of Johor.

In 1996, the temple was rebuilt and reopened. Few years later a chairman of this temple Guru Bhagawan Sittar got the inspiration to decorate temple with glass. Transformation of the Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman temple with glass fittings started in 2008 and was completed on January 3, 2009. The temple is decorated with glass inside and outside. It looks really beautiful, especially on a sunny day with blue skies, when glass shines. The visiting hours for tourists are between 1pm and 5pm.

Additional Information:

Address: Malaysia, Wadi Hana, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 07-224 5152



14. Johor Premium Outlet

Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) is a shopping centre in Indahpura, Kulai District, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It is the first luxury premium brand outlet in Southeast Asia. Johor Premium Outlet provides 130 premium stores and services on its two floors.

It is easily accessible via the Indahpura Interchange of the Second Link Expressway and the North-South Expressway’s Southern Route. In order to maximise your shopping hours, you come to the shops early as there are less people and generally customer service is better when there is less customers. There are plenty of rest areas/benches where you can just relax your feet when you are tired. Johor Premium Outlet is an ideal place for you to shop if you love branded stuffs such as clothes and shoes.

Additional Information:

Address: Jalan Premium Outlets Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor
CONTACT NO: +607-661 8888



15. Danga Bay

Danga Bay (Malay: Teluk Danga) is the largest recreational park in the city of Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. It is just five minutes away from the city centre and Singapore. Danga Bay has a stunning 180 degrees of panoramic sea view overlooking the stunning city skyline of Singapore and beyond. Danga Bay offers a lot of activities with luxury and glam. High end retail outlets and fine dines restaurants can be found there. It is considered as the biggest recreation park in Johor Bahru as there are many activities that are suitable for all ages.

There are top notch restaurants which offer fine dining with the awesome night view and it is famous as a romantic spot for couples. Besides, Danga Bay showcases the culture of Johor, Malaysia. There, you can have a better picture of the different cultures in Malaysia. There is also a mall there, namely Danga City Mall. It possesses leisure, entertainment and food from the local as well as international. Danga Bay is a must visit local attraction for tourists.


Additional Information:

Address: Danga Bay, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 012-518 0290