Toyota Innova

We take our client’s travel comforts rather seriously. For us it is not simply transporting people from one point to another, but it’s more about ferrying them in comfort.

The Toyota Innova is bestowed with indestructible build and bullet-proof reliability which become part of the essential safety features.

Together with it’s best interior fit and quality, this Toyota Innova ensure you a safe and comfortable experience collectively. Having the configuration of 7 seats, it is definitely a perfect choice for mid to large families or group travelling.

Toyota Alphard

It is one of the bestselling MPV in Japan, and often used as limousine. This luxuriously trimmed ‘mini-van’ is well equipped with safety features of the latest technology and is user friendly at the same time.

It provides spacious legroom and large luggage capacity which perfectly serve the needs of passengers on the road. Our high-end and luxurious MPV with impressing interior allows you to travel with class & style.

Pamper yourself throughout the journey by travelling with Toyota Alphard that offers business class like comfort.