Not sure where to go during the semester break and holidays?

Getting tired and bored of water parks and ordinary ‘must visit attractions’?

No worries, Hire7Seater are here ready to recommend some worth-going visit eco farms and their resorts available in Johor. These eco farms and resorts are really suitable for everyone to have a visit, especially young children as these farms provide great chances for them to get close to the animals and have some fun with them. It also offers a golden opportunity for visitors to get close to the environment and stay away from the busy city life too.

  1. Kluang UK Farm
  2. Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm
  3. Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
  4. Zenxin Organic Farm
  5. Star Fish Leisure Farm
  6. Desaru Ostrich Farm
  7. Desaru Fruit Farm
  8. Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park
  9. Hs Farm
  10. Kulim Eco Trail Retreat
  11. Sinar Eco Resort
  12. Green Valley Eco Resort
  13. Vision Eco Farm ( Genting Highland)

1. Kluang UK Farm

Located in Kluang, Johor, Kluang UK Farm do offers every visitors with unforgettable experience to get close to the natural and animals. Here, visitors are able to have a mini bus tour to go around the farm, sight-viewing the magnificent scene of living with natural. Another interesting facts about Kluang UK Farm is that this farm is actually owns the largest sheep population in Malaysia.

They even claimed that their sheep glazing scene does looks like the one available in Australia and New Zealand, hence visitors need not to waste time traveling there just for a look of that scene.

In order to let young children to get close to the animals, Kluang UK Farm offers the baby goat feeding session, where they can feed and cuddle with these baby goats in the goat pen. Besides, an educational goat milk processing insight is also provided to the visitors. There, visitors are going to know about how the goat milk is extracted and processed before launching into the market.

There are also exciting activities which are suitable for both adult and children available, such as horse riding, catching sheep challenge, archery, ostrich farm visiting and fruit picking. Recently,

Kluang UK Farm had established the Mulberry Farm to provide an opportunity to every visitors to try out mulberry picking and tasting. Before heading home, be sure to visit their souvenir shop, they do offer wide variety of freshly made goat milk’s products which are beneficial for both health and beauty.


More info:
Contact: 07-7595018
Address: Projek Pertanian Moden Kluang, KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, Kluang, 8, 86000, Kluang, Johor


2. Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm

KOREF, a short term for Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm is one of the eco-farm which is located in Johor, Malaysia. This over 260 arches of land farm is quite popular recently due to its picturesque village scenery and beautiful floating chalets, which provide a great getaway from busy city life and regaining the childhood memories. This farm offers a peaceful village atmosphere and bustling wild life.

Here, visitors are able to see a lot of fish ponds, paddy fields, fruit farms or fruit estates and lively animals all over the village. It is totally a different world compared to the hustle and bustle Singapore.

During the stay, visitors are allowed to relax and indulge themselves in the slow and peaceful village lifestyle by enjoying several common ‘village activities’ such as fish catching, paddy harvesting, animal petting and bamboo rafting. These activities could provide nice experience to get close to the nature environment too.

A visit to Orang Asli would be recommended to get know to their cultural and lifestyle, sometimes, the Orang Asli do welcome an overnight stay with them too. Another highlight of KOREF would be their floating accommodation provided, where visitors offered with an opportunity to stay in a wooden house which built on the lake surface.


More info:
Phone: 012-7208158
Address: Jalan Mersing, Kampung Kenangan, 86700 Kahang, Johor


3. Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm Located in Pontian, Johor, Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm is an open eco-farm that offers a golden opportunity for visitors to get close to the environment and stay away from the busy city life.

This place is surely suitable for all natural and animal lovers, as there would be wide variety of wildlife, local tropical trees and plants available there. Upgraded from a fruit orchard to tourism and education purpose open farm,

Sri Tanjung Pontian do consist of oil palm plantation, corn field, mini vegetable farm and pineapple farm.

This farm is suitable for both young children and adults, because this place do consist of large educational value as some younger generations nowadays may never seen how the fruits or plants grow and how does these wild or domestic animals mentioned in the encyclopedia look like.

These animals could be found i  their mini zoo also. Some schools and kindergarten even apply for outdoor studies here to teach their students practically beside having some fun.

Packages provided by this farm has included everything which is related to the tour. You can now get the RM15 per person promotion with the minimum of 15 people too!


More info:
Open Hours: Daily, 10am – 6pm
Contact: 012-7013755
Address: Kampung Parit Baharu, 82100 Pekan Nanas, Johor


4. Zenxin Organic Farm

Zenxin Organic Farm Located in Johor Kluang , this 100-arce farm is Malaysia’s first organic farm opened to public that is developed by Zenxin Agri-Organic Food, a leading producer of organic product for both educational and recreation value.

Here, in Zenxin Organic farm, visitors can spend their holiday by joining a guided tour, cycling around the farm, strolling in herb garden or in-sighting a mushroom house.

Do drop by the pets area to cuddle with cute and adorable animals also whenever you pass by. Similar to mini zoos, there would be domestic animals like rabbits, ducks, chickens, monkeys and parrots to be feed and pet with.

The main attraction of the farm would be their “Be an organic farmer” program, educating people with correct way pf organic farming. There would be four farm tours scheduled throughout the day, bringing the visitors visiting the greenhouses and variety of farms available there. There are many flaming-red dragon fruits, sweet passion fruits, juicy mulberries and bananas in the fruit farm.

After having these fruits picked, the owner of the farm would generously let you to try it out on the spot. End your farm trip by purchasing organic products and organic food would be a great choice too, since these products would be more expensive when purchased from the outside.

With an affordable price of RM15 for adults and RM12 for a child ticket, why not having a visit there?

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More info:
Open Hours: 9am – 6:30pm
Contact: 019-773 8985
Address: 47A & 47B, Batu 9, Jalan Batu Pahat, Kluang, 86000 Kluang, Johor


5. Star Fish Leisure Farm

Star Fish Leisure Farm Located at Kulai, Johor, this fresh water fish farm do provide a great getaway from the hustle and bustle city for a quick recharge of the stressful mind.

This place is suitable for both family or groups too as Star Fish Leisure Farm offers the most original and simple kampung life experience.

Here, every visitors could indulge themselves in the peaceful atmosphere of the village during the stay or cycling around the village.

By taking the benefits of existing aquaculture fish farm, Star Fish Leisure Farm successfully transformed this spacious space into a place full with outdoor activities, allowing every visitors to enjoy the nature beauty.

Some outdoor activities included water obstacles, river floating, ATV riding, fresh water fishing and team-based obstacle challenge. These outdoors activities are quite challenging enough and defiantly won’t let anyone feel disappointed.

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Accommodations ranging from classic floating chalets, wooden traditional kampung slithouse and tent would be offered. These accommodations are facilitated with basic furniture, private bathrooms, two decked beds or twin beds.

A refreshing cold shower could be experienced as well as the bathing water is actually taken from the mountain and the well in the leisure farm’s village. Visitors can choose any one of them based on their preference.


More info:
Address: Lot 2168, Senai-Kulai, 81000 Kulaijaya Johor, Kulai, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6016-778 2208
Ticket price:
2D1N: RM158 (Adults), RM118 (4-12 years old kids)
3D2N: RM288 (Adults), RM216 (4-12 years old kids)

6. Desaru Ostrich Farm

Desaru Ostrich Farm Located in Desaru, one of the newly developed tourism attraction in Johor, Malaysia, Desaru Ostrich Farm is the biggest and well-known ostrich farm across Asia that occupied with more than 200 ostriches.

This provide a golden opportunity for every visitors to get close to these big birds that could not be found in the big city and enjoy petting them.

There would be a lot of activities provided in Desaru Ostrich Farm such as ostrich feeding, ostrich riding and ostrich cuisine tasting which could be fun to have a try. Unique souvenirs made of ostriches are available there too such as ostrich eggshell lamp, ostrich skin wallet and  ostrich feather handbags.

The entrance fee is only RM12 for adults and RM8 for children. Don’t hesitate and come now!

More info:
Open Hours: 10am – 6pm
Contact: 07-8265846
Address: EMR 15, Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.


7. Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm Located in Desaru, Johor which required only two hours drive from the modern and developing Singapore, this farm offers an eco-tour for visitors to get close to the nature.

The farm offers wide variety of attractions such as mini zoo, herb garden, vegetable farm and fruit farm. Farming and fruit picking are allowed and the farm also welcome every visitors to have some fun while petting and feeding the animals in their mini zoo like chickens, turkeys, rabbits and goat. Visitors also have the chance to enjoy fruit buffet and all-you-can eat durian fiesta during the durian season from June to August.

This farm would awesome for an educational purpose trip too, as you will see school trips bringing their students here for an outdoor practical class to learn about farming and interact with small animals. There is also talks and exhibitions of honey processing and agricultural gallery that promotes bio-farming.


More info:
Open Hours: Daily, 8:30am – 6:30pm
Contact: 012-7721817
Address: Sungai Cemaran, Desaru, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor Darul Takzim

8. Wansern Organic Farm & Eco Park

Wansern Organic Farm And Eco Park is an organic farm available in Yong Peng, Johor. This organic farm supplies Yong Peng’s main cultivation such as kale, small tomatoes, cabbages and other types of vegetables to Melaka, Singapore and Johor’s organic market which could be found in most of the shopping malls and markets.

The owner of Wansern Organic Farm and Eco Park intend to promote biotechnology farming, which is modern way of farming using the latest scientific and technologies available to produce organic products which are more healthy and larger in size.

Besides, Wansern Organic Farm and Eco Park also consist of organic bird’s nest house with a dark modified swallow cave located at the top of the building. A certain degree of strict requirements are used starting from the bird nests picking all the way down to packaging of the end products in order to ensure only high quality bird nests products are offered to the consumers.

Like other organic farm, Wansern Organic Farm and Eco Park does not use any pesticides or chemical substance to repel any insects from harming the vegetables and plants, hence guarantee each of the consumers with a real organic product. If you’re interested, high quality of organic vegetables and bird nest products can be buy at their showroom.


More info:
Open Hours: 8:35am – 5:30pm
Address: Lot 721, 722, 723, Jalan Desa Putih 11, Taman Desa Putih, Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6013-713 7981


9. Hs Farm

HS Farm Located at Parit Pajar, Jalan Kesang Muar, HS Farm only required a 30 minute drive from the Senai International Airport. Here, visitors are able to get close to the nature, enjoying fresh air, petting the animals and also gaining knowledge about preserving and conserving the environment.

Fun activities such as horseback riding, cycling in the park, fish spas, fresh water fish fishing, honey harvesting are available here for an alternative holiday getaway. Besides, there is also an extraordinary mini zoo which consisted of both domestic and exotic animals for visitors to interact and pet, feeding sessions are also offered and visitors can feed those animals with the food provided by the mini zoo keeper.

Another attraction that would probably attract young children would be the HS Farm Water Park and Kids’ Pool, where they can cool off and have splashing fun in the pools after a tiring farm tour in HS Farm. A small fish catching pond is offered for these young children too if they are bored of playing in the water park.

More info:
Location: PTD 4116, Parit Pajar, Jalan Kesang, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +6012-613 7723
Opening Hours:
Daily: 9:00am – 7:30pm

HS Farmstay Ticket Price:
Adults: RM20
Children: RM15


10. Kulim Eco Trail Retreat

Kulim Eco Trail Retreat Completely renovated in year 2012, Kulim Eco Trail Retreat is ready to offer a new clean and comfortable environment with more exciting activities. This fresh looking retreat is located within the lush oil palm estate of Ladang Basir Ismail, Kota Tinggi, which is a developing tourism spot in Johor.

The newly renovated Kulim Eco Trail Retreat’s building offers a grandeur feeling to every guests who are having a stay there. If observed carefully, guests are able to see that the lasting cengal wood stairs and flooring from the last few decades still had been retained although a large renovation project had been carried out.

The building also provide its guests a mixed feeling of vintage and new, with simple furnishing and basic amenities available.

If you are a nature lover, you should choose Kulim Eco Trail Retreat! You can definitely enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddling, cycling and camping once at there. It depends on which packages you choose but there are many choices of game to be chosen, for an example: escape room, archery and obstacle course.


More info:
Open Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Contact: 012-9435480
Address: Ladang Basir Ismail, K.B. 502 81909 Kota Tinggi,Johor, Malaysia.


11. Sinar Eco Resort

Sinar Eco Resort The city, home to many of us unfortunately, doesn’t provide much greenery or opportunity to interact with too many animals. Even though zoos exists, the animals there are always behind cages and glasses, making it almost no different from seeing animals from behind a screen.

Established in 2016, Sinar Eco Resort is located in Pekan Nanas, Johor, Malaysia. Nestled deep within an oil palm plantation, the resort is designed with an ecological concept and features a large variety of animals.

Here at Sinar Eco Resort, every visitors would find that one of the best ways to learn about nature and animals is through interacting with the animals directly. Guests are encouraged to play and feed our animals and as a result of this, the resort’s animals are more acclimated to meeting new people and more friendly.

All of their activities are designed to cater to all age groups. Adventurous guests can enjoy their wide selections of thrilling and fast-paced activities while those preferring a leisurely holiday can indulge in interacting with animals or taking a slow cruise on the river.

Achieving a unique status in itself, Sinar Eco Resort aims to always provide guests with a memorable experience.


More info:
Contact: 013-757 2423
Address: Lot 2346, GM 2535 Mukim Jeram Batu, Pekan Nenas, 81500 Pontian, Johor

12. Green Valley Eco Resort

Lack of financial support to travel oversea? No worry! You can now enjoy the same relaxing place at Green Valley Eco Resort. It is best suitable for couples to go! Many couples will have their wedding their as it is really an interesting place. The surrounding is super comfortable and relaxing there.

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the monotonous city life, nestled amidst serene valley in 280 acres of tranquility, Green Valley Eco Resort which lied in a rain forest village, it is a self contained resort that offers every visitors all the comforts of modernity with a feel of a home in a country side at the same time.

Fine architecture designed cottages are able to bring every visitors to a nature friendly ambiance, every square feet at Green Valley Eco Resort speaks the green language.

Their every blade of grass and tree softly embraces and takes everyone closer to Mother Nature.

Other than the highlighted must try activities available, the resort’s deer park, duck pond, ornamental fish pond, aster cottages, health club, Ayurvedic spa, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam should be tried out as well upon any visit.


More info:
Contact: 0127001260
Address: Kampung Pasir Salam, Sungai Tiram 81800, Ulu Tiram, Johor

13. Vision Eco Farm ( Genting Highland)

Established in year 1996, Vision Eco Farm  host an important role in processing, handling, distributing and retailing various organic products in Malaysia. This organic eco-farm also directs the certification of both domestic and imported organic products available in the country, before selling them in the market.

Most surprising is, Vision Eco Farm does not use any pesticides or any chemical fertilizers to grow their crops. Hence, answering why organic products are always more expensive then normal products. The farm rely on natural compost that made up of agricultural waste, rice bran, seaweeds, cocoa shells and unwanted fruit peels as natural fertilizers while growing their crops. These compost would either been dug or cover to the soil as mulches to produce healthier plants with higher nutrients using an eco-friendly way.

Before heading home, make sure that you head to their product or souvenir mart. There, wide varieties of certified processed organic products and freshly harvested organic vegetables are available there, with a more affordable price when compared to other places.

The entrance fee with the all-day experience and food only costs RM12 for adults and RM6 for children.


More info:
Contact: 03-56380800